There is so much more to the world of pet products these days than just bags of dogfood or tins of catfood. From pet health care (including vitamins) to organic and even vegan pet snacks, the pet supply market is diversifying as fast as it expands. With a near 70 billion dollar annual market in dog food alone, it is fair to say that pet products are taking up a good amount of brick-and-mortar and digital shelf space. This calls for dynamic solutions to containers for pet products.


The pet supply industry requires a wide array of packaging solutions. You’ve got plastic bottles for dog and cat shampoo, jars for fish-care accessories and fish food, and tottles for pet care products like lotions. Products that guard against fleas, ticks, and other parasites may need to be dispensed from other types of packaging, like bottles with spray tops.


Pet care these days isn’t just about dogs and cats: people are looking beyond what we normally think of as pets, and keeping miniature pigs, exotic spiders, and even wildlife like tigers as pets. The products for exotic pets is often serviced by niche producers who sell over the internet, and need specialized packaging solutions for their products. Occasionally this might even involve the packaging of other animals like mealworms or crickets as feed for reptiles.


Pet care products may require a two-tier container solution. For example, attentive dog and cat owners frequently will buy large

bags of bulk dry food, then transfer that food into large plastic containers that will guarantee the food will be kept dry and fresh. The same goes for packaged pet snacks that are sold in large quantities. Owners of reptiles will also need to store live mealworms and insects in a way that keeps their pet’s food alive.


People are increasingly seeing their pets as members of the family. Because pets are often fussed over, the pet care industry is responding with more and more products. It’s not just the big players, but also entrepreneurs and niche providers who are getting in on the action. This requires a wide array of dynamic packaging solutions. Have a gander at the All in Packaging site so see the wide array of containers we have on offer.