In keeping at the forefront of what we do, we often see opportunities to make our customers’ lives easier. One way we accomplish this is to supply our customers with goods and materials that will satisfy their high expectations of us, while at the same time making their all around shopping experience more convenient. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be offering scented oils and more raw ingredients to our portfolio.


Scented oils are becoming so common now, you can even find them in the checkout line of grocery stores. Such oils have a variety of uses. Foremost, when unadulterated, they can be used to scent living and work spaces. Sometimes the oils can be purchased with a diffuser, but oftentimes the oil is sold on its own in a glass vial for topical use on light bulbs.


One of scented oils’ most popular user groups is the DIY crowd. We are talking about both hobbyists and small-scale entrepreneurs. Such people use oils in the production of homemade cleaning materials from soaps and detergents, to insect repellents and shoe deodorizers. The list of home and hobby uses for scented oils is extensive, and only growing with people looking for alternatives to mass-produced products that may be filled with chemicals. Scented oils are also a common ingredient in scented candles, an item that has seen a huge growth in popularity in recent years. The wellness industry is also driving the trend for more pure and natural products, which consumers may perceive as having holistic and medicinal properties. Aromatherapy as well relies heavily on the use of scented oils.

Of course, the advantage to buying such quality raw materials from All In Packaging is that you can in one stop also purchase the high quality containers that will store the final product, be it our assortment of  tubes for DIY toothpastes, or bottles for home-made wood polish. You can take comfort in knowing that you are getting the best scented oils and raw materials for your products or projects, all of which are kept safe in the the best packaging around.