A container is just a faceless item until it is adorned with a label or illustration that accurately and attractively represents the product inside. How the container is labeled is so important to the product’s identity and how it communicates with consumers. In getting that information on the container, producers have a choice between screen printing versus label printing. Each has its own advantages, and each has the ability to project the product’s identity, only in different ways. The type of printing a product’s container gets is of course up to the producer. Some, like Coke, use both methods, depending on whether the bottle is glass or plastic.


Screen printing is the trendier, more upscale option. Like in silk-screen printing, ink is drawn along a mesh by a blade or squeegee, which prints the design or lettering directly onto the container as per the template. This is how companies print labels directly onto items like tee-shirts and glass bottles. Screen printing is considered to be more elegant than labeling, as it makes the container itself seem more purpose-made. If we are talking about versatility, it is hard to do better than screen printing. Materials like glass, fabrics, wood, paper, metal, and of course, plastics, can printed onto using this method.


Though screen printing is ideal for luxury items, it has also been taken up by DIY and craft producers for things like beer bottles and clothing. Small produces enjoy the control they have over the design, and the fact that they can make and operate the printing machines themselves, giving their wares an expensive look for not much money.

Label printing is used more frequently, as it is usually less expensive and the design options can get more complex. Proponents of label printing claim that more information can be conveyed by a label, and brands with strong visual identities are best served by this kind of labeling. Moreover, these days, such labels will be printed digitally, making mass production easy and inexpensive.

This makes for an ideal opportunity to point out that All In Packaging has a custom labeling service, and are currently planning on offering a screen printing service as well. Stay tuned to find out when!