plastic bottleIn summer, what could be more fun than blowing off work or the day’s household chores and heading to the beach. Don’t forget to come up with a good excuse, but more important, don’t forget the sunscreen. A day at the beach, pool, or golf course without sunscreen can turn a much needed break into a source of discomfort and pain, should a burn occur. This, however, is highly preventable with sunscreen, which, in the long run, will also help prevent lasting damage to the skin.

It is important to note that the use of sunscreen is also advisable on cloudy days, as the damaging UV rays are still be present under cloudy conditions. Moreover, it’s not just people with fair complexions who benefit from sunscreen: while melatonin in the skin of people with darker skin may guard against burn, their skin can still be damaged by the effects of too much direct sunlight.

When it comes to sunscreen, there is a lot to consider from a packaging point of view. Because sunscreen may need to be reapplied throughout the day, it is important that it is both portable and easy to use. Experience has shown that tottles and tubes are ideal containers for sunscreen. This is because these types of containers are lightweight and flexible, making the lotion inside easy to squeeze out.

Moreover, containers of sunscreen benefit from certain types of caps, which should be easy to open, yet also secure. This usually means disc top

caps and  flip caps. Both these caps are known for being highly user friendly while also having the ability to keep the product from leaking out during transport. It’s a given that you will get some sand in your bag and sandals, but the sunscreen should stay in its container. While some brands do sell sunscreen in screw-off top tubes, these are by far in the minority.

Disc top and flip caps offer the added value of letting the end user open them with one hand, thus allowing them to keep the other hand free to apply the sunscreen (which should be done in moderate but healthy doses, evenly over exposed skin). All in all, sunscreen is vital in the summer months, if not year-round, for all types of skin. Have a look at our selection of containers and caps, all of which will help keep your summer day safe and burn free.