Sometimes products that comes in jars needs a little added protection, be it against air, leakage, or tampering. This is why we offer jars with the extra feature of a liner — that seal at the top of the jar — which makes for a tighter seal and a more secure container. The liner is a not-very-much talked about part of the jar or bottle, but its function is very real and it can be important to the product and end user in so many ways, some of which we will detail below.


Foremost, liners protect against leakage. Products that most need this feature are things like creams and lotions, where leakage during shipping and transport would mean certain disaster. Cosmetics, shampoos, oils, water-based products, pre-prepared sauces, and even essential oils also benefit from from such liners, which make for a seal that keeps the product in the container where it belongs.


One extra advantage to using liners with containers like jars is that they tend to improve the product’s shelf life. Because the seal can be air-tight, oxygen that might otherwise damage the contents is prevented from seeping in. This is an inexpensive way of lengthening the product’s life, and thus making it more attractive to consumers. Moreover, a liner will assure the consumer that the product was not tampered with or is not a used product being resold as new.


There are lots of types of liners out there, from pulp, foil, and foam liners, to liners made from various plastics. When it comes to choosing the right one, is vital that the the liner is chemically compatible with the contents, as the liner will come into contact with the product. It’s important to note that the wrong liner may actually shorten the life of a product, in addition to compromising the product’s quality. The last thing you want is for the packaging to damage the product. This is why most liners are made of plastic, which is inexpensive, versatile, and compatible with so many substances.


Liners are ideal sealers for jars, which is a good thing, as we have a wide selection of jars in our portfolio. If you’ve never bought from us at All In Packaging, then break the seal and shop for some jars or bottles with liners today.