The use of tubes has become more and more popular for items like sunscreens and shower gels. This is because they are lightweight, flexible, portable, and easy to use. Because tubes are an ideal packaging solution for so many types of products, much attention has been paid to developing the proper tube cap, and the connection between the tube and the cap. Below we discuss some of the necessary features for a proper cap.


A cap, or closure, on a tube is extra important because tubes are generally stored upright on their tops, meaning they rest on their caps. Because of this unique trait, it is important that the cap is 100 percent leak-proof. It won’t do to have lotions, creams, or face-pack products dripping from the cap every time the tube is put away.


For this extra security, disc top caps, flip top caps, and screw on caps are the closures of choice for the tubes. Disc and flip tops are ideal for their very tight seals and convenience of use. That said, it’s hard to get a more leak-proof seal than one provided by a screw top, though they are less convenient, as they require two hands to open. But what all caps have in common is that no matter how fitting they are, if they are not closed properly by the user, they may fail to prevent leakage.


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