Packaging is an age-old industry, and like all long-standing endeavours that are necessary for commerce, packaging experiences trends that both change and revolutionize the field. At All In Packaging, we are alert to trends in packaging and do our best to offer the latest, most innovative packaging around. Below, let’s have a look at some of the new trends we are keeping our eye on.


Eco-Friendly Packaging. There is no question that waste is a huge issue when it comes to packaging. Consumers at every price point are more aware of how waste can damage the environment, and will pay extra to know the product’s packaging won’t eventually wash up on some island in the South Pacific. With this in mind, packaging that can be recycled or re-purposed is trending. This concept is also popular with the DIY crowd, who pride themselves on creative ways to reuse and even resell packaging.


Small Sizes. Again, consumers take no pleasure in creating waste. Selling products in small sizes allows them to purchase only what they want, without having to worry about throwing away what is leftover. Small sizes also offer the opportunity for the consumer to inexpensively sample a product.


Targeting Millennials. For better or worse, Millennials are trend setters. And companies of all sizes are eager to court this generation and convert them into life-long consumers of their products. Much research is going into Millennials’ shopping habits, and this includes packaging. Consumer studies show that this generation likes strong, authentic brands and sustainable packaging.


Ease of Use and Convenience. This is actually the number one consideration in recent packaging trends. From cosmetics to household cleaning supplies, busy consumers err towards products that make their lives easier, and the packaging plays a huge role in convenience of use. We’re talking about innovations in caps, and methods for extraction take the guess-work and mess out of the product’s use.


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