More and more often, industrious enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are making their own consumer goods. From soaps to soy sauce, insect repellant to body lotion, the DIY–as in, Do It Yourself–mindset has never been more in vogue. But perhaps one of the most popular DIY fields is that of cosmetics.


Top online influencers have named the DIY cosmetics movement one of the major recent trends in personal care products, and there seems to be no end to its growth potential. They cite consumers’ desires to have more control over the substances that come in contact with their skin as a reason, as well as trends toward the more organic and ‘pure’ ingredients commonly found in DIY products. Cosmetics manufacturers large and small are making the most of the trend, and selling their goods over the web, at craft and fashion fairs, or just keeping them for personal use.


Because we pride ourselves on being proactive about our customers’ needs, we are expanding our already comprehensive portfolio of goods to include tools and instruments that DIY cosmetics makers typically need. We are happy to announce that the tools and instruments listed below will be available from our site soon.


As you may know, we have always supplied DIY cosmetics makers with such containers as toddles, bottles, pump sprayers, and tubes. But other tools and instruments like glass measuring cups, measuring cups, lombic glass, glass stirring rods, scales, ceramic bowls (in various sizes), glass bowls (in various sizes), metal bowl (in various sizes), funnels (in various sizes), silicon spatulas and spoons, thermometers, injectors, and ceramic mortars will also be available, making your shopping experience that much more convenient.


We hope you take advantage of our new offerings at All In Packaging when making your own cosmetics, be they for sale or personal use. Such tools and instruments will make any home cosmetics lab more efficient. If you don’t see what you need or want to alert us to typically used tools that aren’t available, please let us know.