When it comes to practicality and usefulness in a container, consumers and manufacturers have a hard time doing better than a basic PP container, which built its reputation on its dependability and versatility. This container is a packaging staple that is relied upon for all sorts of uses, some of which we will detail below.


Foremost, the PP container is a multi-use container. Because it is made of transparent plastic and is inexpensive, it is ideal in fulfilling a variety of needs. We are talking about the storage of kitchen items like coffee, loose tea leaves, tobacco, and spices. Or they can be used for cosmetics or even storing office supplies like paperclips, staples, and thumb tacks. Users like them because they can see what is contained inside without having to open the top. Moreover, the cylindrical shape and lid make it an elegant, attractive container that one wouldn’t be embarrassed to show off around the house.


Customers appreciate that the containers are made from high quality plastic. While glass is also a good option for such containers, plastic has its advantages as well. Importantly, they are inexpensive, and if you are purchasing in bulk this will make a difference in final costs. Moreover, plastics of this sort can be highly durable. They won’t break during transport, and are safe for use in the kitchen and around the house. Also, they are perfectly safe for the storage of food items, and are easy to clean and reuse.


Another, less expected use for the PP containers is for outdoor work and hobbies. You could store garden-care chemicals, soil samples, and even pot seedlings in them. Or use them to to collect berries and nuts.


PP containers typically are sold in 50-piece sets. However, if you can’t gather all the information you need from the PP container page on the All In Packaging site, you can request a sample of the product. We invite you to check out our versatile PP containers. As containers go, there is little not to like in their convenience and durability.