Here at All In Packaging, we specialize in containers. And what’s a rubber glove but a container for the hand? The high quality rubber gloves that we sell are used in any number of industries and have any number of uses. Have a look below to see why rubber gloves are such a popular item on our site.


Some of our biggest purchasers of gloves are factories and laboratories, where their use is compulsory. Rubber gloves are a crucial element in keeping certain products safe from contamination. For example, when workers have to handle foodstuffs, and various ingredients, it’s important that their skin doesn’t come in direct contact with the product. In places where hygiene is paramount, such as the dentist’s and doctor’s offices, disposable rubber gloves are used to stave off the spread of germs.

Another place rubber gloves find a home is among chemicals manufacturers. This is true for a few reasons. Foremost, for the sake of safety, gloves are used to protect bare skin, as many chemicals may burn or cause irritation upon contact. Equally important, the gloves will keep the purity of the chemicals intact. This is a huge concern when dealing with substances that have to be incredibly if not totally pure to be effective.


Rubber gloves also find uses around the house. For one thing, they are ideal protection for the hands against harsh cleaning products. Moreover, they can be used to prevent the dryness that accompanies doing dishes. Some customers even use rubber gloves in the garden to work with moist soil.


You also see such gloves’ use in sundry places like in veterinary clinics, catering companies (in both the kitchen and during service) and in use during beauty procedures, to protect beauticians’ hands from the chemical products they come in contact with. Forensics teams use gloves, as do auto technicians.


Though many industries like factories and large manufacturers will buy the gloves in bulk to lower their price, they are also available to customers in smaller quantities. Have a look at our All In Packaging site for details on how to purchase the right kind and quantity of rubber glove for you.