Variety may be the spice of life, but spices are the spice of food. Spices are like language; each culture shares similar components, but uses those components in their own particular way. While some cultures like India may use heavy spicing, others like Norway use less spice in their food. What is known is that spices are universally used in every cuisine.


It is less known that spices have a shelf life. Some, like fresh basil and oregano, will see their flavor fade in a matter of weeks, while others may stay ‘good’ for years, like sea salt and paprika. All spices, however, benefit from proper storage. Well stored spices last longer, which is more economical, and makes for better cooking. Proper storage preserves not just the spices’ flavor, but also its color and aroma, both of which are important in making an all around sensorially attractive dish.



At All In Packaging, we have several solutions for spice storage. First, we offer a variety of plastic jars. These are ideal storage containers for spices because they are good at keeping out air that will over time degrade the spices. Moreover, the jars come in sizes that are appropriate to keep spices in. Because the jars are transparent, the spices can be seen without opening the lid. The jars filled with colorful spices will look attractive when lined up on a kitchen shelf, adding spice not just to the food, but also to the decor.


Pouches are also a great way to store spices, but not entirely for the same reasons as jars. When long-term storage is a concern, some pouches can be vacuum-packed. This will keep home-grown spices fresh almost indefinitely. Also, some of our pouches come with plastic windows on the face that will also allow you to see what’s inside. Pouches are inexpensive, and have a trendy paper look that things like specialty coffee beans can be sold in.


If you are like us, and want to keep things spicy, then check out the All In Packaging site for our spice storage solutions. There you will find all sorts of pouches and plastic jars to keep your spice collection fresh and flavorful.