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The Ins and Outs of Surplus Products

With so many producers, manufacturers, and packagers doing business, there is bound to be surplus product when it comes to packaging and containers. But surplus needn’t mean waste. With that in mind, we at All In Packaging are dedicated to crafting solutions for surplus products that will benefit everybody, including the environment.   Excess product [...]

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The Popularity of Product Unpacking Videos

It is no secret that Youtube and other video channels are loaded with niche interest videos that are also hugely popular. But one of the more surprising fan bases is that of people who like to watch products being unpackaged or unboxed. This is literally when the product’s packaging is stripped of its cellophane wrap, [...]

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Aspiring to the Greatest Packaging Possible

With so many products to choose from, producers and manufacturers need to stand out with effective packaging concepts. Companies with strong brands are investing in unique and high design packaging in order to continue to satisfy the expectations of their fanbase while also attracting new customers. Below we’ve put together a list of companies that [...]

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The Many Uses of Aluminum Tubes

Sometimes products need packaging solutions that call for something more durable than plastic can offer. When we are talking about skin creams and ointments, arts-and-crafts supplies like paint and glue, and various food items, producers and manufacturers look to aluminum tubes for all the benefits they offer. One of the primary users of aluminum tubes [...]

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The Importance of Recycling Plastics

An article from Business Insider that recently went viral on social media sites detailed a small island in the South Pacific, Henderson Island, that, while uninhabited, has been found to be one of the planet’s the most polluted places. Indeed, it was deemed by scientists to have the highest density of ‘anthropogenic debris’ anywhere in [...]

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Tubes for Creams and Lotions

Creams and lotions are common items purchased from pharmacies and cosmetics stores, and their use only increases in the warm summer months as skin maladies like sunburn and irritation increase. Feedback has revealed that creams and lotions - be they skin conditioners or sunscreens - are ideally packed in tubes, and with good reason. Tubes [...]

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The Clean Advantage to Drainback Detergent Bottles

Producers of containers are constantly looking to make innovations and modifications to their products in order to keep up with consumers’ evolving wants and needs. One such highly successful innovation from way back in the 1980s is the drainback detergent bottle. Primarily used for detergents and fabric softeners, drainback detergent bottles have solved problems for [...]

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Recruiting Bloggers and Vloggers in your Marketing Efforts

It is no secret that the internet has changed almost every aspect of the way we do business, marketing included. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the possibilities offered by new media, use personalities like bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers) to reach and influence consumers who might otherwise be resistant to more traditional advertising and [...]

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