Airless packaging has several benefits, which is why it is used in different industries. This type of packaging is not just about protection, but is also about convenient functionalities and overall convenience for its users.

How many times have you tried pumping out the last drop of lotion from a bottle? This is a frustratingly difficult task to accomplish – either you need to pull the bottle apart to extract the last dollop of lotion, or you just have to throw it away. Airless packaging bottles solves the problem at this final stage of the product’s life. These bottles are created in such a way, that they will dispense the product almost entirely and without much effort.

The benefits of using this kind of bottle are that they will easily dispense the product at any angle, even in situations when much of the product is already gone.

Unique Mechanism:

Airless bottles or containers work with a unique mechanism that helps in pushing the product up without additional air intake. This means that oxygen will never come in contact with the specific product, as long as it is in the bottle. This is of special significance when sensitive formulas are used that need to be kept away from moisture and contact with air. When food products are stored in such airless packages, long life for the products is assured.

With airless packaging, you are able to add much more value to the specific brand. This means that you can also ask a higher price. Your customers will definitely not hesitate to pay a bit more, since they are fully aware that they will get the value of the money they are paying. Manufacturers also benefit, as using such technology is a good way to show that the company is innovative. Airless packages are now an integral part of the cosmetics industry.

Use of Airless Bottles:

Airless bottles are a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system, which helps in utilizing an existing mechanical pump that is present in the bottle. As the bottle gets filled up, the material which is stored therein will be preserved, ensuring good integrity until it is completely used up. If you are using a conventional bottle and the contents diminish, it is usually common to quickly remove the pump and extract whatever is remaining. This is usually done with a tool that is similar to a spatula. However, in this process and with repeated movement, the contents become exposed to the air outside and the product begins to get oxidized and slowly loses its effectiveness.


The main advantage of using airless bottles is that you do not have to set the bottle upright in order to pump the liquid out. It is easy to extract the contents once you remove it from storage. Nor do you have to wait for the contents to slowly settle to the bottom of the bottle. Moreover, there is the possibility to refill the bottle, though this is dependent on the bottle’s structure. Though most airless packages can be refilled, there might be a few containers or bottles which cannot be emptied.