Foam pumps are not a new concept – they have been around for a number of years and are increasingly used in different industries. These pumps are versatile and offer a number of uses to customers. They are now easily customized and used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries alike with their added functionality, great features, and improved performance.

Understanding Foam Pumps:

To learn more about the uses of these pumps in different industries, you need to first understand what the device is all about. Those who are comparatively new to the topic should know that it is a pump or a squeeze foamer and also a dispensing device. They are primarily used for the purpose of squeezing out and dispensing liquid. A foam pump has different parts that are generally much like many other pump devices. These pumps are often available with a protective cap for better hygiene and safety.

Uses Of Foam Pumps:

These special pumps are frequently used in dispensing household chemicals that might be harmful to the skin. They are often used to dispense cleansers of acidic nature, which are often used to clean toilets, washbasins, or floors. In these cases, the liquid shouldn’t come in contact with naked skin, or in severe cases the liquid might cause severe burning. Due to this, these foam pumps are frequently used to dispense cleaning liquid.

You must have used soap dispensers in shopping malls and markets. These dispensers are used primarily to dispense hand-washing liquids, soaps, and sanitizers. The main purpose of using such dispensers is to create minimum contact with the hands. It is unhygienic if each person uses his or her own hands to dispense liquid. This scenario is both quite unsafe and unhygienic. Thus, these special foam pumps are used in shopping centres, hospitals, and most public places so that people can use them without having to worry about safety or hygiene.

These dispensers are also used for the purpose of dispensing hair-colouring products. Gone are the days when you’d have to shake a bottle vigorously to dispense the product. When you are using foam pumps, such extra effort is not needed. These dispensers have a specific suction just at the bottom that helps the bottle remain upright and in great condition.

Foam pumps are also quite popular in the food and beverage industry. Molecular-gastronomy style foam is often used and created with the use of different techniques and a variety of stabilizers. These pumps are also quite popular for producing alcoholic foam topping made especially for drinks.

These pumps usually emit a small dose of liquid from the bottle. Thus, they are also used in dispensing medicines for the eyes, in the form of drops. These pumps are often used in the pharmaceutical industry for this purpose. This is especially useful when you need to dispense a specific quantity of liquid and in the most hygienic manner.

Foam pumps are available in different designs and for use in different purposes. You can buy these pumps alone or with bottles or containers that they are appropriate for use with.