labelsAt All In Packaging we take labeling and safety seriously. In the illustration above you can see a helpful chart detailing the matter of hazard symbols. These are the pictograms that manufacturers put on labels or products to alert consumers to the potential hazards involved with the product they are handling. This chart is important for several reasons, a few of which we will look at below.


Safety: Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to using certain products like chemicals or corrosive household products like bleach or drain clog remover. Still other products can be highly flammable. In fact, it’s not just the can of lawnmower gas or lighter fluid that is in danger of igniting, but things like tubes of nail polish remover, linseed oil and other stripping agents, spray paint and any product dispensed by an aerosol cannister, as they frequently use flammable substances as a propellant.


Liability: In order to protect them from lawsuits stemming from improper use of the product, it is important that manufacturers are clear about the dangers inherent in their products. The Health and Safety Executive in Great Britain, for instance, has guidelines about how potentially hazardous products should be labeled, going so far as to make recommendations about language to avoid in order not to mistakenly mislead consumers. Because classification of chemicals as hazardous is in certain cases up to the chemical or product manufacturer, it is crucial for them to be cautious and transparent about how a product could be unsafe if misused or stored improperly.


Compliance: There are products that in order to be sold must have a label that complies with local regulations. As the sales of so many mass-produced goods are international, it is important that manufacturers comply with local laws and regulations. The good thing about the pictograms is that one need not read or understand the text to understand the meaning of the label. A skull and crossbones will be universally understood as potentially lethal. Hazard pictograms and symbols, such as the ones above, play a vital role in easily communicating the potential dangers of certain products.