Trigger sprayers are wonderful devices. They are inexpensive, versatile, and even fun to use. With fine or jet spray modes, they are traditionally used for cleaning products, though most gardeners have long known that an empty container can be filled with water to water plants with. But home users are endlessly inventive, and have discovered any number of DIY uses for trigger sprayers. Let’s go ahead and have a look at a few.


Just as they are good for industrial cleaners, the trigger sprayers are also ideal for applying homemade cleaning products. From all-purpose cleaners to glass cleaner to wood polish, home enthusiasts are whipping up batches of these cleaners from wholesome ingredients like essential oils, witch hazel, and vinegar.


If you are a kitchen-oriented person, you will find any number of uses for a trigger sprayer. Thin salad dressings like oil and vinegar are easily and evenly sprayed over a salad with such a device. An olive oil or melted butter-based concoction can easily be applied to a baking tray with a handy trigger sprayer.   


Having trouble getting stubborn stains and wrinkles out of your clothing? Homemade laundry products are here to help. Mist about-to-be-ironed clothing with water-based, de-wrinkling concoctions that are applied with a trigger sprayer. Concentrated cleaner sprayed on with a trigger sprayer will put rest to a wine stain on a shirt in a way that merely throwing it in the wash won’t.


Oh, and one final and fun use. Trigger sprayers are a cruelty-free way to discipline a pet. Dogs and cats dislike being sprayed with water, even though it is totally harmless. Use a trigger sprayer filled with water when your pets jump on furniture, or are chewing a shoe that is still on your foot.


Trigger sprayers are also attractive containers, and look good in any room of the house. It turns out that they are versatile, and can be used in as many ways as you can think of. Stop by our webshop at All In Packaging to see our array of handy trigger sprays.