While a bar of hand soap used to be our go-to hand and body cleaner, the innovation of soft, or liquid soap, has been nothing short of revolutionary. Liquid soaps are now the soap of choice in restaurants, bars, on airplanes, and in almost any public restroom where the availability of soap is a must. Though cakes of soap, or hand soap as it is also known, is still popular with hotels, DIY enthusiasts, and places that want to put their brand name or logo on the packaging, there is no denying that liquid soap is here to stay.


With soap being a 3.1 billion dollar industry in the United States alone, there is no question that we are a society that prizes cleanliness. Liquid soap, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, outsold bar soap two to one, making it a multi-billion dollar industry. But what is behind the ascension of liquid soaps? Foremost, it just makes sense. Soaps are cleaning products, and if several people handle a bar of soap, its cleanliness may be called into question. Just by virtue of it being soap does not mean it is necessarily clean, and can’t transmit germs.


You don’t have that problem with liquid soap, largely because of its protective packaging. Manufacturers favor plastic containers with pumps to sell liquid soaps in. From transparent bottles that let the soap’s color be put on display, to containers that fit in travel pouches, shapes and designs for liquid soaps are limitless.


Moreover, the pump action allows you to get an exact amount of soap on your hands or body. With bar soap, it is sometimes difficult to determine how much is being used. The pump, however, for all its advantages, can also be temperamental. Due to the possibility that the pump will get inadvertently pressed down during transport, the device can also come with a cap that will safely keep the soap where it belongs: in the container. It is also possible to purchase pumps with a built-in safety option that locks the pump in place.   


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