It’s the middle of summer, which means that people are either recovering from, or planning for their next festival. Outdoor music festivals and other types of large events are hugely popular in the warm weather. No matter what kind of festival it is, you can be sure there will be mountains of food, all of which will involve the use of some sort of packaging. All In Packaging is happy to make the scene with all sorts of packaging that will perfect the summer festival experience.


Festival foods typically include grilled meats like hamburgers, chicken burgers, sausages, and hot dogs. All these snacks take condiments, toppings like catsup, mustard, mayo, and barbecue sauce. Due to the high amount of customer traffic, these toppings are best dispensed from large containers that function efficiently with gallon pumps. These pumps are sanitary, because the product won’t be left open and there is no possibility for festival goers to come in direct contact with condiments they are not consuming. Moreover, the pumps make for ease in use, as the pump action allows one to control the amount being dispensed.


Also ideal for use at festivals and other catered events are shaker cups. These transparent, hand-held cups are perfect for things like shakes, smoothies, crushed ice, and for healthful salad shakers. Made of PET plastic, they are a fantastic cup option for lots of reasons. Foremost, PET is a dependable and durable plastic, and one that is designed to be recycled. You may be surprised to know that your iced drink at a music festival today will contribute material for carpet fiber tomorrow.


Containers for sauces are also popular when it comes to catered events. Our transparent, oval dishes with hinged lids are the right container for all kinds of sauces and popular foods such as salsa, chili, and fruits. They are at once dependable and inexpensive. Easy to clean and transport, while also elegant to look at, such containers hold many benefits for caterers. Round containers with hinged lids are used for things like chopped vegetables, bar condiments, and pickles.


When considering containers and packaging for festivals and catering, details like containers are important. Stop by the All In Packaging to see the containers that will headline any summer festival or catered event.