When it comes to convenience, versatility, and durability, it is hard to do better than small size bottles with flip top caps. These small bottles can be found in purses, travel pouches, and pockets worldwide, because they are ideal at satisfying consumers’ needs when it comes to carrying around certain products.


Foremost, small size bottles with flip top caps are ideal because of their diminutive size. When we are talking about things like lotions, hand sanitizers, and other skincare products that may need to be re-applied over the course of a day, consumers prefer to avoid carrying around bulky containers when possible. This is where the small size bottles come in. They are just the right size to pack along in a purse or beach bag, small enough not to take up too much space, but large enough that you won’t run out of product.


It is also increasingly common that manufacturers will sell sample or travel sizes at the registers of pharmacies or chemists. Small size bottles are just right for this purpose. The sample sizes are a great, low commitment way for consumers to try out a product without having to purchase a full size. Also, when it comes to liquids, these sizes are suitable for travel, as they can be taken through airport security without being confiscated.


The bottle itself is great for messy products, foremost because it is made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalat) plastic. This is one of the world’s most used plastics, due to its durability, and because it can be recycled. But the top is also crucial to the bottle’s function. A flip top is secure, which is important when carrying potentially messy products like lotions. It is also convenient in that one can open it with a single hand, which is ideal when you may need the other hand to apply the product.

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