You would have to be living under a rock not to be informed about the value of social media sites when it comes to promoting and marketing a business. It is increasingly becoming the most effective (and cost effective) way to get the word out to potential customers and clients. There are lots of benefits to being active on social media, a few of which we will look at below.

While traditional advertising and marketing aren’t going away anytime soon, savvy companies of all sorts, from service providers to retailers, are maintaining social media accounts for all kinds of reasons. Foremost, it gets their product or service in front of potential and existing customers’ eyes, and does so in places where they are already hanging out and active themselves.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow for customers and fans to interact with the company, and vice versa. This makes for more personal experience for both parties, and allows for immediate feedback. Fans of the product can spread posts they like by sharing or liking them. If a post goes viral, it can mean thousands, if not millions of views.

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Such sites also make it easier for companies to get the word out about promotions, which could come in the form of online contests or games. If the promotions are interesting enough, followers will engage with the brands and share the post.

Having social media accounts also makes it easier to attract the attention of other online presences, such as bloggers. When bloggers, who have the platform to promote your product, see something they like, and it is in their niche, they are more likely to become involved with you for a mutually beneficial relationship.


Finally, because your followers are people who are already engaged with you, and are interested in the products you are posting about, social media accounts are an ideal place to announce the release of new products. It gives followers a feeling of being insiders, knowing they will be the first to view a novelty product.

Social media is still new, but already becoming an impossible force to deny when it comes to marketing for companies, particularly smaller ones that might not be able to afford TV or radio advertising. When used right it can be an effective, inexpensive, and organic way to grow a business. Check out the All In Packaging social media accounts at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and if you like what you see, give us a follow!