It’s always exciting to announce a new product that will contribute to the wide portfolio of packaging and containers already available at All In Packaging. This is especially true if the container is one that is so easy to promote, due to its many attributes. In this case we are talking about the latest dropper bottle, which has many advantages, some of which are listed below.


Most saliently, this glass dropper, which comes with a silver cap, is an accurate way to measure a small amount of liquid. This is because the dropper device — a long tubette in the cap — is able to accurately dispense whatever liquid is stored within. Droppers are great for small amounts of precious or concentrated liquid because they give you the ability to apply a single drop, or multiple drops, if needed. This makes them ideal for products like essential oils, various cosmetics, and hand cleaners.


The dropper is also convenient. The button device on the top is a modern innovation that will make the ease of use assured. Small in size, the bottle is easy to carry in a purse or travel pouch. Moreover, the glass container is elegant and sleek, classic yet contemporary in its appearance. It will look good on a vanity, or in any room in the house.


But it is not just large manufacturers that are taking advantage of such droppers. DIY enthusiasts and small entrepreneurs are using the droppers in a variety of ways. There is no shortage of ideas out there by people who are either buying or recycling droppers for use in fields like aromatherapy and home decor, where essential oils are utilized in any number of recipies. You even find home users creating chemical-free insect repellant that can be gently applied with the droppers.


These cylindrical droppers, which come in silver, transparent, and white, will no doubt prove popular with all those who are looking for the latest in such containers’ innovations. Stop by the All In Packaging site and have a closer look at our newest star product: a multipurpose dropper.