These days it seems everybody is moving their business online, and materials that are still published in print form are becoming a novelty. There are many reasons for this, some obvious, some less so. Below, we’ll have a look at why it’s important for some ventures to keep perspective and maintain offline materials as well as continuing to invest in a web presence.


Successful strategists realize that materials promoting and marketing their products on- and offline can exist side by side. The obvious advantages to online materials, like magazines and catalogues, are often complimented by offline versions. For one thing, the offline catalogue or magazine will be more personal than one that arrives by email. Larger clients and businesses will appreciate this because they realize that you are investing in your business, and are willing to put that extra expense into making the effort printed material takes.


It’s not just that clients may take you more seriously with printed materials, but print itself has many advantages over digital. One thing is that it is highly portable. Your battery life won’t prevent your from flipping through a print magazine. There will be no wait for the page or the pictures to load; in other words, it is not dependent on another form of technology for it to ‘work’. Also, it is possible that your potential client is not online, will mistake your email for spam, or will simply not find your site.


Moreover, a print magazine or catalogue is a ‘warm’ object, meaning it is easier for consumers to attach themselves to. Print is

 always warmer than digital, and that feeling will give an added personal feeling to the product you are promoting.


It is worth letting slip now that All In Packaging is also putting together an offline magazine that will complement our comprehensive online efforts. The magazine will allow us, in a new venue, to hi-lite our extensive portfolio, which includes our standard, novelty, surplus, and other products.

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