Bottles for milk and juice are perennial staples of the packaging industry. For as long as man has been able to milk a cow or squeeze a piece of fruit, he has needed a place to store and transport the sustaining beverages his efforts gleaned. And while there are many solutions for bottles for milk and juice, the transparent plastic milk/juice bottle will always be a favorite for its many proven advantages.


Foremost, the bottle is ideal because of its shape, which resembles classic bottles from the time when such beverages were delivered by the milkman. It invokes the wholesomeness that accompanies drinks like milk and juice. Graspable in the hand, it is elegant and easy to pour and convenient to store.


These bottles are also highly favourable because they are transparent. This allows the natural color of the product to shine through. Milk will always look inviting with its pure white color, but juice will especially benefit from being seen in all the colors of fruit from which it originates.


Next, its wide mouth makes pouring easy. And milk and juice are constantly being poured. But the mouth also has the benefit in that it can be covered with a tamper evident seal. This modification is becoming more and more common these days, as consumers want the extra security of knowing that their milk or juice has not been compromised, or, more likely, sampled by another consumer.


Finally, the size of these bottles — 330ml — make them great containers for all sorts of beverages. We are talking about things like chilled coffee and all its derivations (cold lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites), chocolate milk, kefir, and even smoothies. The serving size for these bottles lends itself to a broad range of product uses.  


These milk and juice bottles, made of recyclable PET plastic, are lightweight, and versatile yet reliable. Have a look at this bottle’s product description at the All In Packaging webshop, and if it’s not right for you, stick around and browse all our other styles and types of bottles.