So many foods are livened up by the sauces that accompany them. Sauces and other condiments like honey, can be quite messy, because they are essentially liquids that are poured onto a more solid foodstuffs. Catsup for hamburgers, tahini for hummus, dressing for salads all find ideal containers in our plastic, highly squeezable, low mess bottles. Read on to discover why.

Because it’s summer, people are endlessly barbecuing, grilling, having picnics, and otherwise eating out. Weddings, conferences, events also see a boost in the summer months, when the weather makes it good for outdoor socializing and networking. This is why our containers for sauces are such a popular item with caterers, restaurants, and home cooks alike.


One feature of the bottle that makes it such an attractive choice is the nozzle, which allows for an easy un-messy application of the condiment or sauce on the food. The user can control the flow of the liquid much better than they would an open mouth-bottle (anybody who has experienced a catsup-bottle fail knows this). Moreover, the small-size orifice makes it safer and more hygienic, which is important, as the container may be handled by a high number of users. They are also great if you have bought a sauce or condiment in bulk but want the container it is served from to look more personal or home-made.


Another advantage is that the bottle’s nozzle comes with a cap. This makes for easy closure, and will keep unwanted materials from finding their way into the product. The lightweight, squeezable bottle has the added convenience of allowing the user to be able to control the amount of the sauce they are using. This will actually save money, as there will be less waste from fast moving kitchen help or customers who are using the bottles themselves.

Sauces and condiments from catsup to mustard, salad dressings to gravies, flow perfectly from these containers, which are prized by large caterers, restaurants, and home kitchens. If you take the time to poke around the All In Packaging webstore, you can get better acquainted with our containers for sauces, and if they are not exactly right, size up all the other bottles and containers we have in our sortment.