With the array of pills, vitamins, capsules, and the other products available at the pharmacy, there is no question that pharmacies and chemists are places loaded with containers. But which are the most common containers, and why? To find out, read on and discover what is happening in the evolving realm of containers for pharmacies.

It should come as no surprise that pill jars and brown glass bottles are some of the most commonly found containers at the pharmacy. The white plastic pill jar is one of the most identifiable containers in the pharmacy, and is ideal for packaging things like vitamins, pain relievers, and other pills that will be sold in large to bulk quantities.

Such pill jars are used for their many, proven advantages. Foremost, they are usually made from PE (polythene) plastic, which is known for being lightweight, durable, and also can be recycled into other plastic products. The consumer may be pleased to know that the jars are crack resistant, meaning the product inside will be less likely to become contaminated by external elements. Moreover, the jars are ideal for tamper evident seals. A tamper evident seal gives the purchaser added confidence that the product is pure, something that is so important when considering things we ingest into our bodies.

Another added safety feature is that the bottles can come with child-resistant tops, meaning they can only be opened by adult hands. As things like medicines and vitamins for children sometimes use sweeteners to make them taste good, this is desirable to prevent dangerous mishaps.

All that said, you will also see glass bottles being used in certain circumstances. The glass of such jars is typically brown yet transparent. The colored glass is helpful in keeping damaging properties from sunlight from reaching the pharmaceutical product inside. Such jars are also ideal for use with liquids, as there is no danger from glass transferring any of its compounds into the medicine. The dosage caps are another added benefit. Still, glass has its drawbacks, in that it is more fragile than the plastic jars.

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