Warm summer weather brings sun, balmy nights, and days at the beach. It also brings, much to the consternation of outdoor lovers everywhere, lots of insects. Fortunately, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to insect repellant, which can come in many forms, from creams, to repellant citarella candles. But for now we will look at the most popular form of insect repellant: the spray-on sort, that comes in, of course, spray bottles.

Feedback has shown that the ideal bottle for insect repellant is the plastic bottle with a spray top. The bottle’s many features contribute to its appropriateness for insect repellant. Foremost, the spray top is a great way to disperse the repellant over the skin. It can then be applied over unprotected areas with the other, free hand. The top can also control the dose, so an excess of the potentially sharp-smelling product is not used.

But the spray tops must be carefully attended to. Because the pump action tops can be easily activated by accidentally getting knocked in a bag or pocket, they come with a protective top. When used, it will keep the product from either leaking from the top, or getting sprayed where it shouldn’t.

The size of such bottles also represents an advantage. Insect repellents usually come in 100 to 150 ml size bottles, which have proven to be convenient for a few reasons. Foremost, they are lightweight, which is important, as the bottles should be portable. The size also makes it easy to handle with one hand, leaving the other hand free to rub in the product.

When packaging insect repellant in plastic bottles with sprayers, it’s crucial that the sprayer is connected well to the bottle. This will prevent leakage in transport, and keep the spray action functioning properly. It is up to the consumer to keep the cap on and make sure the orifice of the sprayer is closed so that leakage does not occur.

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