When perusing the pharmacy shelves, it is obvious the consumer has more options than ever.  One way to distinguish your product is by having a feature that makes the use of the product easier. A pump dispenser is one such feature, and can be used with bottles that contain all sorts of products from liquid soaps to hand creams. Below find some of the reasons using a pump dispenser will be of great advantage to shoppers, who in a split second will decide to choose or pass by your product.

Foremost, the pump dispenser is beneficial because it is convenient. The pump action makes dispensing the product, be it cream or soap, easier. It will come out in accurate doses, and will be applied only to where the spout is aimed. This eliminates waste, which is good for everybody.

Moreover, the dispenser is modifiable in the sense that the dip tube length can be cut to match the size of the bottle. The correct length will ensure that the consumer is able to get the most out of the product, without having the upend or shake the bottle to extract the last portions.

The color of our pump dispenser is another attractive feature. The turquoise color is unique, as most pump dispensers are transparent or white. This eye-catching color will allow the product to really stand out from others when on a store shelf or in photos on a webshop page.

But when using pump dispensers, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. For instance, it is crucial for the product’s proper use that the pump and bottle are well connected. Without a proper seal, the pump technology may not work correctly. This is why it’s important to test the top with the bottle to make sure they are working correctly before buying in bulk. The most common neck size for use with the pump dispenser is 24/410.

Pump dispensers are just another easy, convenient solution to the packaging we have on offer. To have a look at our pump dispenser and all the other great options for containers, stop by the All In Packaging webshop, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists if you have any questions.