Nail lacquer, or nail polish, as it is also known, though a seemingly small detail in a beauty regimen, is big business. With over 90 percent of teenage girls reporting that they use some kind of nail product, the lacquer market is worth 9 billion USD, according to This is one reason why the bottles for nail lacquer have become so specialized. But what should you look for in the ideal bottle for nail lacquer?

Feedback has revealed that the optimal container for lacquer and nail-care products is the 10ml bottle, which comes with a brush cap. Foremost, this is a product that is purpose designed for nail care. The most important feature that makes it so is the brush that is attached to the cap, which allows for easy, convenient storage and application of the product. With the brush attached to the cap, the risk of losing it is diminished, and the problem of where to store a sticky or wet used brush is easily solved.

The brown color of the glass is another advantage of our bottles for nail lacquer. Brown glass serves the function of protecting the liquid therein from damaging aspects of light. Certain ingredients may be compromised by direct sunlight, which is why extra protection from the bottle is crucial. All the same, the glass is translucent, so the consumer can still see how much of the product remains. This is convenient as they will want to replace the lacquer before it has totally run out.

Finally, the bottle is made from glass, which also contributes to the health and integrity of the product it contains. Glass, while elegant and shiny, much like lacquer itself, has the benefit of being very stable, and not transferring any of its compounds into the product. This is important when the product is chemical based, and could react poorly when new foreign chemical compounds are introduced.

Because the nail lacquer market is growing, it is also competitive. Having the best bottle for your nail product, one that is convenient and safe, is vital. Stop by the All In Packaging webshop and have a look at our bottles for nail lacquer, and if you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask.