There is a lot to keep in mind when deciding which bottle is right for your product. With so much specialization in the types of goods we buy, it only follows that containers have become specialized and modified as well. If you want the bottle-ordering process to be as efficient as possible, and to get the exact right product, it’s a good idea to be educated about different bottles’ various features. Read on to discover some of the main characteristics and specifications to consider when you are in the market for purchasing bottles from us at All In Packaging.

Foremost, size must be considered. With bottles as small as 5ml for things like essential oils, all the way up 150ml and beyond for detergents and bulk items, there is no question you will be able to find what you are looking for. But when it comes to size, there are other considerations beyond just volume. For instance, the neck size is also important, as some liquids are easier to pour than others. We offer neck sizes of 28/410 or 18/410, 28/400, or 24/415.

Of course, another important consideration is what will be stored in the bottle. A trip to any pharmacy will reveal the difference in bottles used for pesticides, cosmetics, household cleaning items, foods, and shampoos. In every case, the bottle has to conform to how best to store and dispense the product. 

The material the bottle is made from is also worth consideration, as different types of plastic (not to mention glass) will have different characteristics. Some will be more durable than others, some will differ in weight, some will be safer to store food and beverages in. Some are more recyclable than others. Plastic bottles are typically made of HDPE, PET, PP plastic(s). Each has their own properties, which we covered in an earlier blog post that can be found here.

Finally, thread types are also worth keeping in mind. For instance, bottles for cosmetics typically get continuous threads, while with bottles for beverages the threads are cut off to make for convenience of use.

The easiest question to answer when it comes to what features you want from your bottle is where to buy them from. For that only one solution is the best solution: All In Packaging. Browse around our webshop, and see for yourself.

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