Sometimes products benefit from being sold in different sizes. When we are talking about goods like creams, lotions and ointments, then an ideal packaging solution may be our glass jar family. By this we mean a suite of glass jars that all share a similar look, material, and feeling. Our glass jar family will appeal to large manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts alike. Read on to discover why.

If a product comes in different sizes (and many expensive creams and lotions do) it is a huge benefit to the manufacturer to have the containers present a similar look. This helps to keep the product’s branding intact across the line of sizes. It is also useful if the consumer needs to quickly identify the product on a shelf where it may be surrounded by many other similar products.


Our family of jars offer multiple sizes: from 15ml up to 50ml, which means the consumer will be able to find the best size and price option to suit their needs. It is of course true that with expensive products that come in glass jars, some end users will appreciate the option of buying a smaller size at a lower price point, or perhaps gain added value by buying a larger amount.


Moreover, glass as a material is loaded with beneficial characteristics. Foremost, glass just looks elegant. We identify glass with wholesomeness and purity, qualities that will be passed on to the product it contains. Glass really allows the product to stand out on the shelf, and looks good on a vanity or in a medicine cabinet. Glass is also a material that is easy to clean. This makes it ideal for re-use, re-purposing, or recycling.

Another well-known characteristic of our glass jar family is the color. Brown transparent glass is long known to protect the product it contains from damaging UV effects of sunlight. That they remain transparent is important if the consumer also wants to know how much of the product remains without opening the jar.


Because glass jars have proven to be such useful containers, we offer them in multiple sizes. Our glass jar family is ideal for so many quality products. If you want to find out more about these glass jars, or are curious about any other container solutions, have a look around our All In Packaging webshop.