The tube with a roller head is an innovative container that has brought great value and convenience to consumers around the world. Its unique rolling method and its ease of transport make it a popular choice for liquids that need quick and easy application. Below we’ll look at this and some of the other advantages our tube with a roller head has to offer.


Our tube with a roller head comes in a convenient 15 ml size. Feedback has shown this to be an ideal size, one that balances value with ease of use. Made with MDPE plastic(s) the tube will be less prone to breaking or cracking during transport, or if it is dropped in a piece of luggage or purse. The tube is a durable yet lightweight product.

The roller head is a device that has proven ideal for products like deodorant. That’s because, many such deodorants come in liquid form, making them difficult to apply to an awkward body part like beneath the arm. The roller head, however, makes this task a breeze, with no mess or danger of spillage.


Moreover, the tube with a roller head is very convenient. It can be easily transported in a purse or travel pouch. This is important, as body-care products like deodorants may need to be re-applied over the course of a day or night out. While traveling, they fall within many airlines’ size regulations and can be carried on board. The same cannot be said for aerosol products, which can become unstable at high altitudes, or with containers that surpass maximum liquid allowances. This means that the tube with a roller head is an ideal travel companion if you want to stay fresh on the road.


While there is great convenience in the tube with a roller head, it is worth keeping in mind that after filling it with the product, it will have to be sealed with special purpose-built equipment. This ensures the roller tube will work properly and you will get the most out of the product.


Tubes with roller heads have proven themselves to be incredibly popular with manufacturers of body-care products like deodorants. It’s a modern modification that adds value to the product and convenience for the consumer. To see our tube with a roller head and all our other great container and packaging solutions, roll on into our All In Packaging site and pay us a visit.