While you will occasionally see tubes used for medicinal creams and lotions, a jar is the time-tested, and in many cases, best option for packaging such goods. But through the ages, modifications have been made to the jars that make them even more ideal for this purpose. Read on to learn about our jars for creams and lotions, and all their proven advantages.

Foremost, the shape of the glass jar makes it ideal for medicinal creams and lotions. The twist-off top reveals a wide mouth that one can easily extract the product from with clean or gloved fingers. This allows for precise measurements, whether you are using a lot or a little of the product.

The color of the jar is also one of its important features. Transparent brown glass is traditionally used to store medicinal products, so consumers will automatically identify the color with healing properties. More practically, the brown will keep sunlight from damaging the product it contains. Because medicinal products can be delicate, it is important that they are kept safe from the sun. Yet the glass is also transparent, which means the end user can still see how much is left without opening the jar. This is important for products that may need to be replaced before they run out.


The glass of the jar will also make it attractive when sitting on a store shelf or in a photograph. Glass has a naturally luxurious look, so the medicinal cream or lotion will appear more exclusive than a product that might come in a plastic tube or plastic jar. Glass is just authentic feeling, and we identify it with characteristics like purity.


Finally, the liner of the jar is a modern modification that adds value to the container. These liners serve to separate the cream or lotion from the cap. This is important in that it prevents leakage and keeps bacteria from contaminating the product.


It would be difficult to find a more ideal storage solution for medicinal creams and lotions than the glass jar. That’s why it has been used for this purpose through the ages. If you agree, and are considering such glass jars for your product, a good place to look would be the All In Packaging webshop. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our packaging professionals.