With the weather turning colder and the wind becoming blustery, lips are in danger of getting chapped and rough. A great solution is lip balm, which moistens and protects the lips against the elements. Because lip balm is an important part of a winter skin care regime, we are providing some information about lip balm and the best way to package it.


Foremost, it is vital to distinguish between lip balm, lipstick, and lip gloss. The former is a skin care product designed for the user’s protection. It is used by people who want to keep their lips safe from harsh weather conditions. It may also act as a sunscreen for skiers. Lipstick and lip gloss are cosmetic products, both designed to enhance or alter the lips’ natural color or sheen. But this does not mean that lip balms cannot look good or have cosmetic elements, as there are many types of lip balm.

Because lip balms come in different types, like flavored lip balms, colored lip balms containing zinc, and transparent lip balm, their packaging comes in a wide assortment of colors and looks, such as the “Macaron” lip balm jar, which, like its name implies, is shaped and colored like a macaron. Such jars have proven to be ideal containers for lip balm due to their size and attractiveness.


Lip balm is also one of those product DIY enthusiasts are making for themselves, because of its usefulness and due to the easy recipes, which may only include just a few ingredients (like beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil). DIY producers of lip balm appreciate that there will be fewer or no chemicals in their balm, which is important as the product could be ingested when coming in contact with the tongue and mouth.


Feedback has shown that home producers and industrial producers alike also find an ideal container in the lip balm tube. One feature that makes the tube perfect for lip balm is the shrink wrap band. This will protect the product, which is important, as lip balm is one of those products shoppers like to open, sniff, and even sample. The wrap keeps it uncontaminated until the end user chooses to open it.

Of course, at All In Packaging, we have a large array of lip balm jars and tubes in our portfolio. If you are a DIY lip balm manufacturer looking for just the right container, have a look around, and if you don’t see exactly what you need, we invite you to ask a representative.