It is not new news that winter is head-cold season. Nobody is immune to the common cold, and most people will suffer from at least one a year. This being said, the pharmaceutical industry is rife with products created to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany colds. We are talking about things like nose drops, nasal sprays, ointments and creams, and liquid cold medicines. Of course containers play a large part in the delivery and use of these products. Keep reading to discover how.

The pharmaceutical business uses all sorts of packaging, each type modified to best suit the product. Take, for instance, the dropper. Ideal for things like eye drops to sooth irritated eyes, and dispensing small quantities of medicine, the dropper is a container that serves to both store the product, as well as aid in its application.


One of the most common symptoms of a cold is a stuffed nose. This is where nasal sprays come to the rescue. The pharmaceutical sprayer is ideal for this product, as it is purpose-designed to administer the medicine to the difficult to reach nasal passage. Its brown glass also serves to keep the product safe from the damaging effects of sunlight.


Mentholated creams and ointments are also used to unstuff noses. They find their home in jars that will make extraction of the cream or ointment with clean or gloved fingers very easy. Such jars are lightweight and durable, making them safe to transport in bags, purses, and even pockets, as the product may have to be used multiple times over the course of a day.

And when it comes to liquid cold medicine, the cylindrical brown medicine bottle is a container with a difference. For one thing, it comes with a tamper evident seal, and for added safety, the screw-on cap is child resistant. All this is so important when dealing with a product that should only be ingested in its recommended amounts.

Even though colds are usually a part of winter, we have defences against them. Our packaging and containers at All In Packaging are purpose designed to hold and administer remedies and medicines. Stop by and if you don’t see what you need, just ask!