The bottle with a trigger spray is by now iconic in its shape. Even though the spray top is a relatively new modification in the long history of packaging cleaning products, it has proven itself as a mainstay and has become indispensable in any home or industrial cleaner’s arsenal of cleaning products. For more on why this bottle is such a success story, have a look below.

The bottle with a trigger spray is well suited for cleaning products for several reason, but foremost because of its trigger spray. This innovation makes cleaning easier, because with a squeeze of the trigger you are able to apply the product evenly and directly to a wide area, like a bathtub or sink. The device makes extraction of the product from the bottom of the bottle easy, and will pose little risk for leakage or unintended mess.


Another convenience is the handy shape of the bottle, which is designed to be held and used with one hand. This will leave the other hand free to use a sponge or cloth to scrub the surface of what you are cleaning. And because the bottle isn’t so large, it can be easily carried around the space that will need to be cleaned, be it bathroom or kitchen.


If the spray top is not ideal for your purpose, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the bottle can also come with a simple cap. It is true that some cleaning products do not benefit from being sprayed. We are talking about things like silver polish and certain more gelatinous cleaning products that should be poured onto a cloth or sponge.

But for liquid products that need to be applied directly onto a surface, the sprayer top is impossible to beat as a delivery system. If you are looking for bottles with trigger sprayers, or bottles for cleaning that fit comfortably in the hand, but may only need a cap, a good place to look would be the All In Packaging webshop. Our offering is designed with convenience and value in mind.