Winter colds and flus become more common as the months get colder and the weather turns inclement. As any doctor will tell you, prevention is the best remedy. Keeping warm, dry, and active will go a long way in avoiding winter illnesses. It is also important to keep the body working optimally through exercise and nutrition. Supplying our immune system with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stave off illness should be a part of everybody’s winter health regimen.

Science has proven that vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D3, Zinc, are helpful in boosting the immune system, keeping bones and circulatory systems strong, and reducing the chance for catching typical winter diseases. One common way to get vitamins into your system is, of course, to eat vitamin-packed foods like fruits, vegetables, and oil rich fish. But vitamin supplements, like multivitamins, are also frequently used to get the nutrients you need when such foods are scarce.  

Like anything you ingest, proper storage is key in keeping vitamins uncontaminated and safe. Vitamins in both pill and capsule form will find an ideal container our wide sortiment of pill jars. The plastic jars come in multiple sizes and are a cost effective way to package your vitamins. Many come with tamper evident sealing, and some are even child resistant, which is important because certain vitamins are sweetened to make them chewable by children who have a hard time swallowing a large pill.


But vitamins don’t just come in plastic jars, nor are they sold in just pill or capsule form. Brown glass jars are also typical containers for pills like vitamins. Vitamin drops are also popular. For that, we have glass bottle with pipette droppers. We also see vitamins that come in dissolvable tablets. These can be stored in jars or cylindrical tubes. If you manufacture vitamins, you probably have a very specific need for your packaging, so just give us a call at All In Packaging and let one of our packaging professionals consult with you and help you find the perfect solution.