With winter on the way, skin is in danger of getting rough and dry in the cold weather. The body’s natural moisturizers might need a little extra help over the harsh blustery months to keep skin in optimal form. That’s where creams come into play. One of the world’s oldest skin care products, skin creams have had medical and personal applications for centuries. That’s because they are an ideal aid in overcoming dry, chafed skin, which is something no-one is immune to.

Large-scale manufacturers and small DIY enthusiasts alike will find an ideal container for their creams in our set bottle. This bottle has many features that make it just right for this use. Foremost, it was purpose-designed for creams and all the considerations you have when packaging cream, which is not the easiest substance to work with. One great feature is the pump, which allows the end user to extract the cream without risk of mess. Despite cream’s many benefits, it can leave greasy stains if it is spilled where it should not be. The pump allows for accurate and easy use, and because it comes with a cap, transportation will also be risk free, with the cap protecting the consumer from an accidental pump in their purse or bag.


This is also a container that is attractive to behold. With its frosted glass, and green, silver, or natural-colored pumps, it will look smashing on a vanity or bathroom sink. As most creams are a neutral white or beige in color, the design features of our set bottle for creams will go a long way in catching the eye of customers on a store shelf or in a picture on a webshop. Moreover, glass is a classic material and the frosted effect will add a quality of luxury and exclusivity to your product. In short, the bottle is easy to use, safe, and attractive. Your cream will not find a better home.

And did we mention that we are currently having a sale on our set bottles for cream? It’s true. For more details have a look at the bottles’ page on our All In Packaging webshop. And if you have any questions about this bottle, or any of our other bottles, just ask.