The disc top cap is a relatively new innovation in packaging, but has overtaken the screw-on cap as the favored cap for all kinds of cosmetics and self care products. There are many good reasons for this, a few of which we will hi-lite below. Read on to discover the advantages of this cap and why it may prove right for your packaging needs.


Personal and home care products that line the aisles of pharmacies and chemists have never been more popular. These include creams, lotions, shampoos, and other pourable items like make-up remover and Witch Hazel, not to mention pet care products. Most of these thicker liquids that need a controlled pour benefit from the disc top cap. Because such products are frequently carried in purses, travel pouches, and even pockets, the closure of the cap is important, and can make the difference between a great day at the beach and an afternoon trying to clean a greasy sunscreen spill from the bottom of a beach bag.

Such caps are also reliable. Quality disc top caps, like the sort we sell at All In Packaging, are as reliable and safe as traditional screw-on caps. Unlike the screw-on cap, however, the disc top cap can be opened with one hand. This is useful when you may need to apply the lotion, cream, or liquid with the other hand. This is particularly ideal in places like the shower, at the beach, or on the ski slopes. The cap is also closable with one hand, so the bottle, toddle, or tube won’t get greasy.


Importantly, the disc top cap is available with a screw on component as well as a snap on component for connecting the cap to the container. It should be noted that both are equally reliable in creating a tight, hermetic seal and keeping the product from spilling or leaking from the container.


If you are a manufacturer or a DIY enthusiast, we recommend having a look at the disc top cap to see if it is right for your product. With so many advantages, and being cost effective as well as reliable, we see no reason why you shouldn’t browse through our All In Packaging webshop and decide if the disc top cap is right for you.