It is no secret that the only way to build and sustain a business is to cultivate return customers. This comes in two stages: first attracting the customer, then retaining their loyalty when they need to make another (second) purchase. These are both distinct but equally important stages in your relationship with the customer, and require different strategies.


Once you have created the product — be it hand cream, deodorant, or sunscreen — it is of paramount importance that it stands out on the store shelf. This is done with intelligent, creative packaging. There has been an astronomical amount of money put into the research behind what attracts different consumers to different products, and what the packaging you use communicates about your product and company. If you have managed to calibrate your product’s packaging correctly, from its label to the type of container it is sold in, then it is likely you will make a sale. But this is only the first step in building your customer base.


It is of equal importance that the consumer returns to buy your product again once that product has run out. No amount of great packaging will be able to convince them to buy your product once more if they did not enjoy the experience of using it the first time around. The promise of great packaging must be backed up by a great product. The packaging can go a long way in assisting the product here. Consumers will be looking for certain characteristics in the product. They want it to be easy to use, for instance. And they want the container’s usefulness to contribute to the overall experience of the product. Only then, when they have the ‘whole package’ — from when they see the eye-catching product on the shelf, to its consumption, and satisfaction with that product — will you be assured of a second sale, and hopefully, many sales beyond that.


At All In Packaging, we have any number of easy to use, functional, and attractive containers and packaging solutions. If you want a container that will look great on any store shelf or in a picture on a webshop, as well one that will have a life as a user friendly component to your product, look no farther than the All In Packaging site. Our packaging professionals are on call to answer any questions you may have about which container is best for you. All you have to do is enquire.