Halloween is one of those holidays that people from all over the world are increasingly coming to celebrate. That’s because Halloween is a day when you can really let loose with your imagination as well as thrill to the creativity of others. But it’s not just about dressing up and trick or treating — decorations are also an important part of creating a spooky environment for your Halloween celebrations. With Halloween right around the corner, we are here to present some interesting ideas for decorating your home by reusing containers that you may already have, but perhaps didn’t realize had hidden potential.

Recycling things like PET plastic jars into Halloween decorations isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also a fun activity you can do with family or friends. The internet is loaded with ideas for repurposing containers into home decorations that can be used for Halloween. For instance, every Halloween haunted house needs some candles, so why not take plastic or glass bottles and decorate them with colorful fall leaves to make candle holders? Or wrap the jars with gauze, add some decorative eyes, and turn them into spooky ghosts.

At All In Packaging, we are frighteningly prepared with the best containers that can be repurposed into Halloween decorations. Our PET plastic and glass bottles, in addition to all their great uses as containers, will be happy to be brought back from the dead and given a second life as Halloween decorations. Or consider using our canisters as makeshift gravestones for the lawn, or fill them with blood red fruit juice for a refreshing drink. Or make your own DIY candles in all the colors of the Halloween season like orange, brown, and black, and show them off in our purpose-designed glass candle holders. Such holders even come with their own wick, so all you have to do is pour in your wax mixture for a fun, inexpensive homemade Halloween candle.


The ideas for Halloween decorations that can repurpose packaging for seems limitless. Stop by the All In Packaging webshop and browse around, and if you have any great ideas we haven’t covered for Halloween decorations, let us know!