Few people, from manufacturers to suppliers to the end user, are unaware of the increasing problem of plastic waste caused by things like plastic bags and plastic bottles. One small way to help alleviate the burden on the planet is to encourage the reuse of items like plastic bottles. Because winter is coming, a time when birds and other animals will have a more challenging time finding food, we offer the idea of repurposing plastic bottles into DIY birdfeeders. Continue reading to discover how.

food containerTo begin this fun autumn craft, you’ll need a few things, foremost a plastic bottle. We are thinking of a large plastic bottle that may have been used for mineral water or soda. You’ll also need a utility knife, some reliable glue, household twine or string, a wooden spoon, and of course, bird feed.

Clean and dry the bottle thoroughly. Next, poke a hole at the bottom of the feeder with the knife. Push your spoon, which will serve as a perch, through the plastic bottle, and make a hole at the other end so it securely goes through the plastic bottle while sticking out at the same time. Glue the spoon into the plastic bottle if you choose to. Above the round end of the spoon cut a hole that the feed may fall through. Next fill the plastic bottle with birdseed. Put the cap on and turn it upside down. Wrap the plastic bottle with twine to keep it secure, and hang it from a nearby tree. Before long the bird feeder should attract many patrons as the weather cools and the ground freezes or gets covered with snow and frost. For a visual depiction of making a DIY bird feeder from a plastic bottle, have a look on YouTube, where there are many such videos dedicated to the topic.

Instead of using bird food, you can fill the plastic bottle with dried fruits and seeds, and enjoy the satisfaction of having made your own birdfeeder, and of making a few of our feathered friends a little happier with natural foods. If you have other ideas about re-purposing plastic bottles, please let us know, as we are always interested in ways to promote sustainable, responsible uses of the products we sell. As usual, you can find us at the All In Packaging site.