With Halloween coming up, people are looking for creative, fun ways to decorate their houses and costumes. How about considering hand-making some decorations, like spiders, using materials like plastic bottle caps. Recycling plastic bottle caps from containers such as tubes, bottles, and toddles won’t just be fun for friends and family, it will make good use of a plastic bottle cap you might otherwise throw away.

How do do repurpose plastic bottle caps into spiders? We have a few ideas. Foremost, you’ll need lots of plastic bottle caps, which can be collected from milk bottles, or other plastic tubes and toddles. Have some black paint on hand, pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and glue. Ready to go? Let’s give it a try.

Gather the kids or friends to paint the plastic bottle caps black, or any other color you might want your spider to be. After letting the paint dry, it’s time to glue on the googley eyes. Hot glue works best, but kid-safe Emer’s school glue will also adhere the eyes to the plastic bottle cap. Four eyes is great, but why not use six, to give your bottle cap spider that extra creepy feeling? Next, cut two pipe cleaners into two, making four legs. Repeat this, until you have eight legs total for each spider. Now it’s time to glue the legs to the bottom of the plastic bottle cap. Use hot glue for this, unless you want your bottle cap spiders to ‘bleed’ slow drying glue. plastic jar

Set your plastic bottle cap spiders aside to let all the components dry, then once ready, place them around the house to surprise visitors and trick-or-treaters. In terms of plastic caps for bottles, tubes, and toddles, we encourage you to save them and reuse them in creative ways, like making soap dishes, home decorations, and of course plastic bottle cap spiders for a spooky Halloween that kids and friends will remember.
Got any more ingenious ideas for repurposing your saved plastic bottle caps from bottles, tubes, or tottles? Stop by our webshop at All In Packaging and let us know. We are always interested in low environmental impact ideas for our items like plastic bottle caps.