Summer is usually the season associated with troublesome bugs, like bees, mosquitoes, and house flies. But in certain parts of the world, fall also delivers tiny critters to complicate our lives. We are thinking of pests like stinkbugs and indoor clothing-eating moths. These pesky insects have always been there, of course, but the cold weather tends to drive them indoors, where they present themselves as uninvited guests for holiday celebrations. Moreover, they will feed off your houseplants, if not infest food supplies, invade clothing, and generally turn up where they do not belong. They are called ‘pests’ for a reason.

Like most people, you would prefer to keep your living space pest-free. But perhaps you are wary of spraying a lot of chemical insecticides and pesticides around your home, where it may come into contact with beloved pets, not to mention children. One solution savvy homeowners are discovering is DIY all-natural pest repellants — solutions that will keep the insects at bay without killing them or being harmful to other living beings.

Everybody knows that materials like lavender and cedar chips will keep moths away. But what about creatures like stink bugs? Home DIY manufacture

rs of pest spray are using ingredients like peppermint castile soap mixed with water to ward off such insects. Others are experimenting with essential oils diluted with water and sprayed around the living space to deter other pests. Oils like tea tree oil, lemongrass, rosemary extract, will ward off the critters, and also have the added advantage of keeping your living space smelling fragrant and fresh. Other out-of-the-box ingredients include low toxic boric acid, vinegar, and even beer, which is claimed to send roaches packing.

Of course at All in Packaging, we have containers that are ideal storing and dispensing your DIY pest repellant. Our plastic sprayer bottles, for instance, excel at this purpose. The trigger sprayer top will allow for ease of application as well as accuracy. Just keep in mind, we are not here to spray the pests directly, just spray the areas they are known to reside in. We are not advocating killing other living creatures, just politely but forcefully turning them out from your living space. Finally, it won’t bug us if you stop by our webshop and have a look are all the great plastic spray bottles we have on hand.