glass productsIf you are in the market for buying packaging, we at All In Packaging have some tips — foremost that you consider buying from distributors. There are distinct advantages to this approach that we have discovered in our over twenty-plus years in the industry. To find out why we believe this to be true, simply read on.

Importantly, when buying from a distributor you are dealing with a company that is organized to sell packaging. The infrastructure is in place to offer service to customers that will make the selection and sale go smoothly, something that is frequently not the case when it comes to large packaging manufacturers. When it comes to distributors, their obligations to their customers are more cut and dry, and your rights are clearly stated in any sales transaction.

Less obvious is that prices from a supplier may actually be lower than if you contact the manufacturer directly. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it is true. Distributors can sell the same high quality products at lower prices because suppliers are able to buy in large quantities, allowing them to get a better price for a bulk purchase. This is a savings they will pass on to their customers, no matter what size their order is.

In many cases, the manufacturer simply does not have the time or capacity to deal directly with buyers. Their job is manufacturing. A distributor’s job, however, includes customer service and fulfilment. Where a manufacturer may not promptly return the call or attend to the order of a small quantity buyer, those who deal with distributors will get the same level of service and attention no matter what the size of their order may be. Manufacturers appreciate the huge advantages distributors offer to the packaging marketplace, and recognize and support their activities. It is a working relationship that is mutually beneficial.

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