With the skincare market at over 120 billion dollars and growing each year, the consumer has never had so much choice when it comes to products like lotion. Not just daily use body-care lotions, but under-eye lotions, lotions specifically for feet, hands, face, and so on. Such lotions can be bought in your typical mainstreet pharmacy as well as in high-end cosmetics shops, offered by luxury brands. With so many options for the consumer, it has never been more important to package that lotion correctly.

Smart manufacturers of lotions keep in mind that the packaging of their products is oftentimes just as important as the product itself. After all, you won’t get a repeat customer if you don’t hook that customer the first time. And much of the hard work of attracting the buying public’s attention comes from the way the product is packaged. In truth, so many lotions out there are offering the same benefits and advantages, that they may at first glance seem hard to distinguish from each other. But packaging that communicates the product’s identity will give you a step up in gaining consumer confidence and nudging them towards that all-important first purchase.

But packaging should not just just look attractive and uncomplicated, it should also add value. The packaging needs to make sense for the product. This is why certain lotions come in tubes, and others in jars, and others in bottles. The functionality of the container is an important factor when determining how the lotion should be stored. The shape, size, and labeling of the container should all be carefully determined when it comes to packaging such lotions.

A great example of a company that got their packaging right is Dove. They have a profile that is both sophisticated and simple. Dove’s brand exud


es qualities of wholesomeness and purity, and their simple but elegant packaging reflects this.

It is a good thing there are places like the All In Packaging webshop that have a vast selection of containers for lotions of all sorts. From jars to bottles to tubes, you will find what you need by browsing around, or if you desire a little help, just give us a call, and our representatives will be glad to lend a hand.