In the constantly changing world of a globalized marketplace, businesses are having to evolve in order to survive. Those who can’t keep up, or resist change, inevitably die away. Here at Nordtek, we have risen to the challenge and indeed have thrived by innovating and expanding.

Rather than remaining just a supplier of quality containers, we have discovered talent for many other areas when it comes satisfying our customers’ packaging needs, including serving as a packaging manufacturer, supplier, distributor, consultant, designer, and contractor. We do this all at once, making us a one-stop-shop for packaging needs. Having all these services in one place has proven to be a great advantage to our clients, who experience heightened convenience and efficiency, not to mention value.

Not only do we have a top quality portfolio of containers and services, we maintain an extensive supply network. This means that our solutions for your packaging needs will be met with proactive solutions by our representatives. Because we have discovered that our busy clients greatly value our expertise in our core competencies, as well as convenience, we also offer design consultation for custom packaging, in addition to packaging design. This means you can trust us with assisting in selecting and delivering just the right container, as well as its label design and printing. We offer silkscreen, and tampo printing, as well as label printing. Moreover, you can turn to us for materials and ingredients for many products, like essential oils and bases for cosmetics.

Companies like Nordtek that offer turnkey services are called ‘hybrid packaging suppliers’. With such a company, you know that you are getting a partner that is invested in every step of packaging your product, one that can offer tailor-made packaging solutions, one that is proactive and has the foresight to evolve, develop, and innovate to continually exceed their clients’ expectations now and in the future. Come visit us at the All In Packaging site. Have a look around, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.