These days, consumers have more choice than ever. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about home cleaning products, body care products, or cosmetics — there has never before been this much competition to capture the buying public’s attention. And with the ascendancy of e-commerce, shopping on the Web has only multiplied the consumer’s choice to the point where we have reached a level of super-abundance when it comes to what to buy. With that in mind, manufacturers large and small can’t be resigned or timid when it comes to their packaging. Nobody is going to give your product a try if they don’t notice it.

IMG_0110[1]In this sense, the packaging is equally as important as the product. The packaging should both reflect the wonderful properties of the product it contains, while at the same time drawing the notice of the shopper. In other words, the packaging should complement the product. This is not a new concept, which is why when you walk down the chemist or grocery aisle you will see products like detergents sold in very brightly colored boxes and purpose-made bottles that hint at the vivid colors your clothing will achieve once washed with that detergent.

Creativity goes a long way in capturing people’s attention. Think about recent marketing success stories like bars of soap with popsicle sticks sticking out of them, which are sold in popsicle boxes. Another way to stand out is to accentuate the functionality of the container. We are thinking of things like cleaning products that come in containers which can be repurposed into useful items like planters and vases, along with many other original packaging ideas.

Thinking outside the box is useful when creating a ‘total package’ for your product. Instead of selling mineral water in a bottle, why not try a box? Sell cookies in boxes shaped like small ovens, or fruit juices where the label peels off like the peel of that fruit. Cosmetics can come in brown bottles more associated with pharmaceutical goods, giving them that feeling of purity and health, and brightly colored liquids can come in packaging with transparent windows to allow the product’s naturally attractive qualities to sell itself.

Most important is that you are bold and fearless in your decisions when it comes to making creative packaging decisions that will allow your product to stand out on store shelves or in a photo on a webshop page. For all kinds of traditional and creative packaging solutions, stop by the All In Packaging site, and see how we stand out from the competition.