As societies around the world are waking up to the dangers of plastics that are simply discarded without any attempt at recycling or repurposing, private citizens, governments, and businesses alike are spearheading roles in innovating ways to reduce plastic waste. Read on to learn about a fascinating pilot program from India that seeks to turn plastic waste into material for roads, and our own role in keeping excess plastic products from going directly into the landfill.

Worker sorting plastic garbage for recycling

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” is how the saying goes. And, indeed, when seeking inexpensive materials to pave over dirt roads or repave damaged roads, one city in India discovered an innovative solution: use plastic waste instead of their traditional material of asphalt or tar. The Public Works Department of Himachal Pradesh, which lies in northern India has began constructing roads with plastic and polythene waste.

Essentially, plastic bags and other plastic waste like that of discarded plastic bottles, tottles, bags, and jars is shredded and mixed up with tar and more traditional paving material, then melted and spread on the damaged road. In addition to being less expensive, and presumably more environmentally friends, it is also claimed by those behind the program that the plastic material will actually make the roads stronger. Both road inspectors and environmentalists have touted the program, though its long-term sustainability has yet to be proven.


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For more on Nordtek’s QDP program, follow the link. And if you have stumbled across inventive ways to repurpose plastic waste, let us know at All In Packaging. We look forward to you visit.

Picture Source: Envato Elements