There is no question that the DIY and small business movement is stronger than ever, and made up of people fearlessly creating their own brands. The driving force here is people who are manufacturing their own products — things like cosmetics — and becoming entrepreneurs and selling their goods locally and/or over the Internet. But with so many steps involved in creating a brand, it may seem like an overwhelming task to somebody who wants to follow that dream. We at All In Packaging are aware of that and seek to encourage such efforts. We are here to support you at so many stages of creating and marketing your newly created brand, something which may be easier than you think.

To assist in creating your own brand, in addition to helping you find the perfect container to match your vision, we also offer consultation on label design as well as label printing, be that the printing of adhesive labels or printing directly onto the packaging. We are able to accomplish printing with all sort of methods. So if your branded product is best served by label printing, silkscreen printing, or even by tampo printing, we offer services that will be able to assist you in accomplishing exactly that.

But our investment in helping small entrepreneurs and DIY producers who want to create their own brands doesn’t stop there. We are happy to announce that soon we will be expanding our services to include the sale of DIY cosmetics ingredients. You will even be able to find recipes for DIY cosmetics on our site. And, of course, you will still be able to find the wide array of quality containers that you have come to expect of us. With this kind of one-stop-shopping, it is fair to say we are also offering great convenience as well as great value and support.

We know how inspiring yet uncertain it is to create your own brand. But when it comes to goods like cosmetics, and other products that can be made by DIY enthusiasts and small producers, more and more people are taking the plunge and realizing their dreams. While it may seem like an insurmountable process at first, once you know that people like us at All In Packaging are there to support you with everything from recipes to label design and printing, and of course all the quality containers you could want, it makes turning that dream into reality all the easier.