Fall is when we reap the benefits of an abundant autumn harvest. Because even the best refrigerator won’t keep that food from going bad, we pickle certain produce in order to enjoy it into the colder months of the autumn and winter. While jars are frequently used for long-term storage, people have also found plastic buckets to be an ideal container for picked goods and other foods that need to be transported and consumed before too long. Have a look below to find out why plastic buckets may be ideal for your perishables.


Foremost, such buckets are lightweight, sturdy, and easy and safe to transport. This makes them ideal for shipping foods or for foodstuffs that are typically transported to autumn sporting events like American football. Nothing ruins the day like a back seat or trunk stinking of spilled pickle juice. Moreover, the 1000ml size makes the bucket suitable for storing in the fridge.

But these handy plastic buckets aren’t just used for pickled products. Their size and other advantages make them ideal to store all other sorts of foodstuffs in. We are thinking of dairy products like sour cream, yoghurt, and cottage cheese, and other products like peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, sauerkraut, and condiments like mustard. Because a variation of the bucket comes with a plastic handle, they can be easy to remove from their storage space and carry around. Moreover, the easy to open and close lid plays a crucial role in its convenience.


These plastic buckets, which are perfect containers for so many food items, also have the added value of coming with a tamper evident lid opening. This means that parents can feed their children from them with confidence that the contents have not been tampered with. This is extra important, because such sizes are usually bought by families. 
If you are a producer of food like pickles or sour cream, or if you are a home user who just has a lot of food to store, we hope our plastic buckets, which can come with a handle and tamper evident lid, will be appealing to you. If it is not exactly what you are looking for, browse around the All In Packaging webshop to see all the other quality packaging and containers we have on offer.


Pictures source: https://hu.pinterest.com/pin/61854194861282569/, http://www.poguemahonepickles.com/pickle-lineup.html